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SKS Firearms Training

SIRT - Laser Marksman Training System 


SKS offers NRA certified firearms training to all students over the age of 14 years. NRA certified instructors will safely familiarize the student with the anatomy, mechanics and operation of both Semi-Automatic and Cylinder (revolver) handguns, Rifles and Shotguns. With an emphasis on safety, responsibility and effectiveness, SKS firearms training develops within the student both the mental and physical elements required to confidently own and operate a firearm.


SKS utilizes both the innovative S.I.R.T (Shot Indicating Reset Trigger) and the G-Sight (Laser Marksman Training System. These modern home training aids are a must for all semi-automatic pistol shooters, eliminating the need for both time consuming range trips and costly ammunition purchases, whilst rapidly developing the skills necessary for "defensive" handgun use

By combining the convenience of personal in-home Certified Instructor tuition with cost effective and modern shooting technology, SKS firearms training exponentially enhances the students knowledge base, skill set, confidence and performance both prior to and during live-fire range training, this is approach is used by professional instructors, military and law enforcement, and is guaranteed to raise the shooters learning curve, skills and competence with a firearm. 

SKS Personal Fire Arms Training Pricing

Lesson                             Duration                   Cost

1st time handgun intro     1 1/2 hrs                 $125.00

Individual training            1 hr.                        $$85.00

Couples Training             1 1/2 hrs.                 $200.00 



SKS 9mm Semi-Auto Handgun Intro Package (SHIP)

The 9mm Semi Automatic pistol is the most popular purchase for first time firearms owners, the SKS SHIP package was developed to meet the growing need for a rapid and effective method to safely train new firearms owners in the defensive use of their 9mm semi-automatic firearm.


Effective defensive use of a firearm can not be learned by standing alone in a range cubicle shooting at static targets, all whilst spending countless hours and lots of cash on range time and ammunition, without learning required defensive handgun skills. The SKS SHIP package offers the convenience of two in home SIRT/LMTS personal lessons, guaranteed to increase the learning curve with concise and effective defensive handgun knowledge and application, followed by one live fire *range lesson, that will allow the student to safely, effectively and confidently live fire their firearm.


                       3 sessions 1 1/2 hrs.    Cost of course: $350.00


* Student is responsible for their range fee and ammunition, individual ranges charge different fees for both. 


SKS Defensive Handgun 1 Range Class.

Although it is not a requirement, it is highly recommended that new shooters take advantage of the SKS SIRT-LMTS prior to the SKS Defensive Handgun 1 Class, doing so will greatly benefit and enhance the open range live fire experience. 

Duration of course: 4 1/2 hrs.    Cost of course: $350.00


​SKS DH1 is an introductory class on the familiarization and safe handling of handguns and their application in self-defense. This class will develop the knowledge, mental attitude, and physical skills required for the potential use of protective or deadly force using a handgun. 


The SKS DH1 course offers an affordable, safe and graduated opportunity for the new and rusty shooter to learn, ask questions, and shoot in a professionally guided and safe environment. 


There is no prerequisite for this class other than a good attitude and a willingness to listen and learn from your SKS firearms instructor.

What You Will Learn:

Rules And Principles Of Gun Safety

Common Range Safety Rules And Commands 

Introduction To The Semi-Auto Pistol

Fundamentals Of Marksmanship

Correct Pistol Grip And Body Posture

Sight Alignment, Sight Picture and Trigger Control

How To Perform Tactical Loading/Unloading

How To Clear Common Stoppages And Malfunctions

Human Anatomy And Target Placement

Efficient Firearm Presentation And Movement Shooting Drills. 

What You Will Need:

Your personal handgun

Recommended two or more magazines for automatic pistols

Holster and magazine pouch

A sturdy belt for holster and magazine pouch

Minimum 100 rounds of ammunition for your firearm

Eye and ear protection

Suitable clothing that covers your body 

Sturdy footwear that covers your feet, no sandals.

Recommended For Open Range:

A hat

Leather gloves for moving equipment and targets

Hand cleaning wipes

Gun cleaning kit and lubricant


Inclement weather clothing, we shoot rain or shine

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