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In today’s modern society violent crime statistics are rising, as a result of this escalation, people are attending self-defense classes in record numbers. Sadly many traditional Self-Defense courses are outdated in their approach to self-defense in today’s modern society, and the new challenges it has created. Most self-defense participants assume that the information they learn in a class or on a course will prepare them for today's streets, unfortunately, the reality is that many are receiving something far more frightening than a confrontation with an assailant, they’re receiving a false sense of security. 


Recognizing the need for a 21st Century approach to self-defense, SKS has been developed with over 35 years of martial arts and combative's experience into an extremely effective, modern self-defense system. 


SKS utilizes unique teaching methods and specifically designed training drills that enable Rapid Development, Permanent Retention, and Effective Self-Defense Applications in today’s modern environments.


SKS training puts emphasis on teaching the Soft Skills (mental training) of self-defense such as mental conditioning, environmental awareness, conflict recognition, understanding criminal mindset and avoidance skills, these skills complement and enhance the Hard Skills (physical) of self-defense such as breakaway techniques, striking techniques, ground techniques, and weapons training. 


By combining the Soft/Hard skill elements with SKS self-defense philosophies, you ultimately develop what is termed the Defensive Lifestyle Mindset (DLM). Once developed this new mindset builds the confidence and certainty needed in self-defense situations, enhancing your ability to detect, avoid, and take the appropriate survival actions necessary.

It is recognized that self-defense training is more than just kicking and punching, we address this at SKS by the use of the Kombative Threes. 


  1. Engaging the Mind we help you identify and recognize early warning signals, Attackers mindset, how they operate, and the strategies to defeat them;

  2. Educating the Body we teach you highly effective, easy to learn and retainable self-defense and offensive techniques and strategies that maximize your APO (Ability to Perform at Optimum). 

  3. Empowering the Spirit SKS training exponentially raises the self-esteem and confidence levels needed to ensure future personal safety.

The goal of SKS is the continuous development and maintenance of the Defensive Lifestyle Mindset. This empowering mindset is not only the foundation of your self-defense training but will prepare you for all of life’s challenges beyond those of physical confrontation, giving you the added benefits of enhanced physical health, mental well-being, and the consequent strengthening of your Ability to Perform at Optimum under stress.

Some of the benefits and subjects learned in SKS self-defense training


  • Understanding And Applying Environmental Awareness.

  • Understanding The Psychology Of Combat.

  • Understanding The Attackers Mindset And How To Defeat It.

  • SKS Innovation Confidence and Mental Strength Drills.

  • SKS Def-Con Range Activated Self-Defense Drills.

  • SKS R.E.D Training (Rapid Evaluation And Decision).

  • Learn How To Function During The Shock And Stress Of A Sudden Violent Encounter.

  • Learn Rapid And Effective Break-Away And Ground Techniques.

  • Learn Devastating Offensive Techniques And Rapid Counter Strikes.

  • SKS Self-Defense Specialized Strikes Using, Punches, Knees, Elbows, And Kicks.

  • Defenses Against And Training With Weapons.

  • 21st Century Reality-Based Training Drills.

  • SKS Is An Effective 21st Century Self-Defense System, Without The Rules Of Fair Fighting.

  • SKS Self-Defense Achieves Extremely Effective Results In The Shortest Possible Time.

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