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AKK-SKS is a Hybrid Rank Based Self-Defense System, Combining American Kenpo With SKS Training Methods and Philosophies.


SKS is a 21st Century Approach to Self Defense. With Its Unique Training Methods It Is Guaranteed To Take You To the Next Level 



Street Kombative System offers an extremely effective 21st century self-defense program, geared toward our modern day environment. SKS was developed by Senior Professor Brye Cooper who has  over 35 years martial arts/combative training, study and teaching. 


With its unique approach SKS utilizes new methods of teaching and training drills that are guaranteed to deliver rapid development, permanent retention and effective self-defense applications in today’s modern environments.


With SKS self-defense training you will learn empowering, confidence-building skillsets that not only give you the ability to deter or defend against aggressive encounters or violent attacks but also enhance your physical health and well-being, and strengthen your mental capacity in stressful situations.


With its innovative and highly effective approach to self-defense, the goal of SKS is the development of the Defensive Lifestyle Mindset. This healthy and empowering mindset is the foundation of your self-defense training, preparing you for all of life’s challenges beyond those of physical confrontation.

Let SKS be the start of your self-defense journey.

Brye Cooper

Founder/Chief Instructor SKS Self-Defense Programs.


Traditionally self-defense training is geared towards physically and aggressively training the individual to defend themselves in an aggressive or violent physical encounter, although this is indeed a major element of self-defense we believe at SKS that self-defense training goes beyond that of the physical techniques referred to in SKS as Hard Skills, that in fact there are many more benefits beyond that of the aforementioned. 


Life in general is a battle at different times and at many levels, with situations arising that would and will distract, invalidate or stop you from achieving your goals, the SKS philosophy is that of what we term The Defensive Lifestyle Mindset.


This Defensive Lifestyle mindset combines two elements of self-defense, the Hard Skills and the Soft Skills, or mental constituents, soft skills that develop confidence within the individual and give them the psychological tools and techniques required to survive in our 21stcentury environments. Once acquired these combined skill sets anable individuals to rapidly evaluate and confidently make the right decisions in problem situations, proactive decisions that will productively enhance their lives. 


Brye Cooper

Founder and Chief Instructor SKS.


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